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The Infamous Wedding Ring Cake Dive

Picture a table holding a tiered wedding cake wheeled onto center stage:
Hidden somewhere inside that huge sweet confection by Johnna's Sweet Treats & Macarons is one special ring. Standing around the table are 6-8 future brides . . . then the whistle blows! Stand back and watch the frosting fly as our Cake Dive event begins. The first bride to find the band of gold will be the winner of our grand prize, a 14k gold wedding band valued at $450+ provided by Heather Penny's Beautiful Things Fine Jewelry and Gifts of Ukiah.  To achieve this goal, they will have to dive in with their hands.  If that means that they must demolish the confection during their quest, so be it!  Spectators really get into this event and crowds circle the stage to view the happenings, cheering on the brides who definitely show that they have the purpose and drive to go for the gold. It’s very entertaining and the Ukiah Wedding & Event Expo's most watched event! 


How to Enter: There is a fee of $10 Registration Fee, and for that $10 fee, you will get a special gift plus your chance at coming up on stage and digging in for the ring.  The names of the participants for the Cake Dive will be drawn at 2:15pm.  You must be in attendance at the stage area when your name is called.  Registration Ends at 2:15pm sharp for the Cake Dive to be held at 2:30pm.

The Fine Print:  Registrants must be over 18 years old, sign a release of liability and understanding of the rules and that your registration of $10 does not guarantee your participation in the Cake Dive.  You will receive a special gift for your entry fee and a chance at participation in this event.  You must be present in the stage area when your name is called.  


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